It’s a Bittersweet Sunday arvo… mate….

I grew up in Australia in the 80’s, and have always loved music, all kinds, all genres. I suppose as we get older, music takes us back to places we may have forgotten, stirring memories that might have been shoved into a dusty corner of our minds, back out into the limelight.
This afternoon I have been revisiting the music of my youth, and have been slightly surprised at what I’ve found. Obviously the music we all played when we were teenagers will always be the BEST MUSIC EVER in our own opinions, and even more so if you grew up in the ’80’s (anyone who grew up in the 80’s is very protective of that decade, and face it, we are the movers and shakers now!)…

However, upon listening to this music this afternoon, my English partner keep raising his eyebrow, affirming my taste in Australian music from the 80’s and 90’s. Seems that while the rest of the world were ‘popping’ their way around a turntable in the 80’s, Australia was drowning in fabulous indie rock, that not many outside of Australia have ever heard. It is worth noting though, that poor Kylie was emancipated by Australia until the mid ’90s… there were no Aussie teenagers doing the Locomotion… just Londoners…. Australia (like the rest of the world) just could not ignore those gold hotpants, and she was allowed to be Australian again.

Back then, before t’internet, for Australian artists to break through on a global scene was a massive expense, and an even bigger risk. There were some who tried though, those at the pinnacle of their careers, absolute legends Down Under – ACDC, INXS, Midnight Oil, Crowded House, Divinyls, (OK, Crowded House were mainly Kiwis I know… ), but back in Australia, these guys were still fighting for that top spot on the charts. many bands didn’t even attempt to break it internationally, they were home grown heros, and really, that’s all any fair dinkum Aussie wants to be.
Hoodoo Gurus, Hunters and Collectors, Baby Animals, Painters and Dockers, Icehouse, ChoirBoys, Australian Crawl, Angels, Icehouse… the list actually does go on and on and on. All Aussie household names. While Britain was bopping to pop and raving to techno , Australia was totally rockin on, guitars out, marching ahead of the yanks and the Poms in the charts, and Molly Meldrum was a legend.

I’d like to urge you to just pick a band I’ve just named, and do a YouTube search – a lot of this music has stood the test of time…. I just think it’s really sad that all these guys missed out on the huge global music revolution that has happened over the last 20 years, as I’m sure they would have totally owned it.